Proper wheel alignment is crucial to safe and happy driving. Sadly, it’s one of the most neglected checks on your vehicle. The signs and symptoms of poor alignment are easy to identify and at the same time, simple to fix. Here are five indications your transport needs an alignment.

1) The steering wheel is off centre

When driving directly on a level roadway, your wheel needs to be or should be really close to straight and the vehicle emblem in the centre of the guiding wheel must appear level. If the wheel is off centre by more than a couple of degrees in either direction, it’s definitely time to take your vehicle for an alignment.

2) Your car pulls off to the side 

To check to see if your vehicle pulls in one direction, DO NOT take your hands off the steering wheel. It’s just too hazardous. Instead, when driving down a straight flat roadway, your car should drive directly ahead with really little effort needed on the steering wheel.

3) Unusual tyre wear in particular areas

Tyre wear states a lot about how well your car is driving. When getting your transport serviced, the service technician can supply information on how and where your tyres are wearing. Wear on just the inside or outer edges of tyres shows a camber change issue. Irregular wear patterns or scalloping can indicate a problem with the toe. 

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4) The vehicle handling feels sloppy

If the steering in your cars and truck feels loose or unsteady, one possible cause is poor wheel alignment. If it feels like your vehicle is roaming all over the road or it feels loose or unsteady turning corners, it’s the correct time to examine your alignment.

5) The wheel doesn’t go back to the centre

After turning a corner, the steering wheel should return to the centre by itself as you continue to drive. Of course you need to keep your hands on the wheel, but if your steering wheel makes little attempt to move itself back to centre without your help, then it’s an excellent sign that your alignment is off.

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